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What you should know about me

My name is Graham Ward (A.K.A. "Gee") and I work as a live audio engineer for theatre and gigs around the south of England providing system consultation, design, setup, FOH and monitor engineering for a variety of productions.

I attended university at the University of Glamorgan, where I studied Live Event Technology and gained a BSc Hons degree. the course covered sound engineering and all aspects of lighting, video, rigging, control, electronics, event management and health and safety although I specialise in live sound engineering.

I have been in the live event industry since 2004 working on a number of different shows with different levels of complexity working in all the different departments

From when I was a child I have have a great love for music of a wide range of genres and was always interested in the technical side of the world around me and putting what I have learnt and seen into practice whenever i had a chance to

The experience of working as a freelance engineer in a variety of venues has equipped me with the understanding of knowing exactly what to look for in a mix along with the ability to communicate effectively with local crew and performers. I try my best to keep my knowledge of software and tools used by performers, such as MainStage and physical effects pedals, up to date so I can aid them when something goes wrong or not as expected.

When not pursuing everything music-related, I enjoy socialising with family and friends and following rugby and horse racing as well as making regular appearance at my local pub. I'm a keen cyclist and surfer and although, I enjoy spending my free time participating in these sports, my life is very devoted to working in the live event industry and am more than happy to help local music scenes who provide the first step in any musicians career.

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